NextFightUp™ was started by a team of licensed fighter managers fed up with the traditional system of finding fights and opponents for their fighters. So we sought out to revolutionize the methods used to match fights and get fighters the opportunities they deserve as well as provide much needed contact information promoters often find themselves without when seeking a fighter to match. Gone are the days of fighters relying simply on word-of-mouth to know when fights are happening. Gone are the days of waiting for a phone call that may not happen. Gone are the days for promoters of endlessly searching social media and making phone calls trying to track down a wanted fighter that failed to list their contact information with the licensing commissions.

NextFightUp™ is the first worldwide internet site geared specifically to provide fighters information on upcoming fights that match their weight class and provide them with the opportunity to apply for the spot. Fighters simply create a profile and will be provided fight opportunities matching their weight class and fighting discipline. Fighters will also be able to access the list of upcoming fights and submit their “Fighter Resume” as well. Once a fighter submits their “Fighter Resume” for a particular fight, that Promoter will instantly receive the submission and be able to consider that fighter for the card with access to the fighters contact information and other important information in which to match the best possible fights.

Detailed Instructions:


  1. Create Your Unique User Name and Password
  2. Build Your “Fighter Resume”:
    1. Make sure to include all up-to-date contact information;
    2. Provide your email address;
    3. Select ALL weight classes which you would be able to fight
    4. Provide your professional and amateur record(s);
    5. Link a URL To Your “Fighter Resume” (i.e. Facebook, BoxRec, Sherdog, etc.);
  3. Once created, you will be emailed events matching your "Fighter Resume" and also search the previously listed events;  
  4. You will also then have access to submit your "Fighter Resume" for consideration by Promoters for their listed events; 
  5. Push “Submit” and Your “Fighter Resume” Will Instantly Be Emailed to the Promoter


  1. Create your unique Username and Password
  2. Select “Create an Event”
  3. Enter the requested information about the event
  4. Select “Add a Fight”
  5. If you already know the name of the fighter you are looking to match, enter it. For the opponent, mark it TBD
  6. If both slots on the bout are open mark both sides TBD
  7. Save your event and it will post instantly and we will send emails to all active fighters matching the characteristics sought by you
  8. You may make changes to your event as needed, however, any changes in the date of the event will be sent to NextFightUp administrators for approval
  9. All events will remain open until 24 hours prior to event time


  1. Create Your Unique Username and Password
  2. Insert Your Fighters’ NextFightUp™ Username
  3. An Email Will Be Sent to the Fighter(s) for Approval
  4. You Will Then Be Able to Submit Your Fighters’ Resumes for Consideration As Well As Receive Emails of Upcoming Fight Opportunities Matching Your Fighters’ Characteristics

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